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Seven Free Ways to Advertise your eCommerce Store

As a few of you may already know, I have my own eCommerce store selling Men’s essentials and luxury products. My website can be reached here and Today I will give you some of the secrets into how to make SALES and Money. After all that is your goal, right?

  1. Social Media – I can’t stress enough how important it is to use the powers of Social Media to make sales on your store! Many social medias will allow you to search for people based on: interests, age, location and much more. It’s such a simple way to target your target audience without having to pay anything! It just takes a bit of time and effort. With many platforms such as: Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook you can even include links direct to your Website! Please give it a go and i’m sure sales will roll in. Even Forbes Magazine agrees! Read This Post by Forbes on the power of Social Media Marketing!
  2. Start a Blog- If you’ve got the time to read this Blog, you’ve got the time to start one! Blogs are a great way to engage with your audience. Keep it simple and don’t advertise your products everywhere! Leave it up to them and traffic will roll in to your Website through links and product reviews. It only takes about 20-30 minutes to write a blog and that’s not too bad if it makes you some money in sales!
  3. Advertise Locally – If your store is local, advertise locally! It’s free and VERY effective. Put out flyers, stickers, business cards, or get in a local directory. Put your: number, email, website,ow whatever else you can think of on your advertisements and you’ll be very busy after that!
  4. Start a Weekly Newsletter- Email marketing is not very looked upon nowadays but it’s easy, free, and doesn’t take up much time! All you need is a Computer, and Internet. Set up a form on your Website using: Mailchimp, Klaviyo or any other email marketing sites you’ve heard of. Then all you have to do is write a Weekly Letter to people who are bound to be interested! Tell them about: new products, promotions etc.  Your list will just keep growing!
  5. Improve your SEO- SEO is rarely considered nowadays, so if you decide to utilise this powerful feature you can easily get far ahead of others! SEO (search engine optimization) is a very handy tool to have down! Watch This Video on how to rank higher in google and improve your SEO!
  6. Find an Influencer-  In my opinion, if you find or know an influencer you have hit the jackpot of sales and website traffic! Influencers are people who have a big following base on: social media, blogs, etc. They will feature your product/store on their page and their followers love it! as long as you play your cards right and find the right influencer, you’re going to be very successful. The hardest part is finding one that will do it for free but i’m sure you may have some friends and contacts  😉 Check out This Blog on the power of influencers and your eCommerce Store!
  7. The word of mouth- Last but definitely not least! The word of mouth is how everyone had to do it back in the day! Talk about your business and let people know! It’s just like social media, just in person. People will trust your business a lot more and you will become quite well known in the area. You can even pay people to do it for you. The word of mouth spreads VERY fast and has a lot of power! Good luck!

Top Five Jobs That Make Billionaires

I’m quite sure that a lot of you wouldn’t mind being a Billionaire, So Today i’m going to show you the top five jobs that people do to get there! Some of these jobs can either be extremely successful or turn to nothing, It all depends on your knowledge and how determined you are to live the Luxury life that everyone dreams of! If you’re just going to College or looking for a new job, you’ve come to the right place. So, let’s get right into it!

5. An Investor – Investors always need a base of money to start with, so this isn’t a job that you can start at nothing! Although, it does not require millions of dollars to start with. If you have the knowledge and at least $30,000 to spare, you can definitely get somewhere. After all, one of the most successful investors in the world started off with $174,000 and Today he owns 50 Billion dollars that have been accumulated through investments. Now that’s the way to go if you ask me!


4. An Anesthesiologist- Also known by the name an anaesthetist, anesthesiologists are surgeons that apply anesthetics to patients during surgery or other practices. an average anesthesiologist will make $250,000 annually. Every leap year, anesthesiologists are breaking the banks with a million dollars! To do this job, it requires a lot of degrees, courses and you must have done very well at school and or college! This job isn’t fit for everyone, especially since they involve jobs to do with Surgery; one of the most sensitive areas. But if you aren’t squeamish, this job is 100% the way to go!


3. A Local Manufacturer- Many items today are “made in china” as i’m sure most of you know, but for those businesses wanting their goods made in the USA, Local manufacturing is a great job to take on! Manufacturers in the US (especially car manufacturers) get Millions of orders everyday and make Billions of dollars every year! Their charge on products can be up to 700% more than China due to stricter laws and regulations. If you know the right contacts and have a little bit of money, you could be on your way to a large scale manufacturing business making billions of dollars in revenue!


2. An Inventor – Being an Inventor only requires: imagination, time, and creativity! If you’ve got all of these and want to be a billionaire, I say go for it! Inventors can sell their ideas to businesses and entrepreneurs for millions of dollars (eventually earning billions). Once your invention is sold, it’s no longer yours and the business industry handle it from there. If you have a big enough mind and a lot of patience, you could be onto something big!


1. An Entrepreneur – I think everyone saw this coming… Entrepreneurs account for bringing us the most billionaires in the world! Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and even Donald Trump are all entrepreneurs! The best thing about entrepreneurship is you can start from nothing with nearly no qualifications and still go on to be a billionaire! Great ideas and Persistence is all it takes to be a billionaire in the entrepreneur Industry!


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